The Reading Room

The library is NOW OPEN…We have given our expertise in many ways over the years so we have gather some of our most recent article, presentations and papers for your perusal.  The items have been sorted by category and type.  

Forensic Economics

Reparations Time: Close the Black-White Racial Wealth Gap Now (Paper)

Opinions Within A Reasonable Degree of Economic Probability (Paper)

Critical Features of A Forensic
Economist’s Report (Article)

Loss of ‘The Benefit of the Business’: Estimating Damages Realistically for the Owner-Worker (Presentation)

Measuring Economic Damages of Gig Workers: Total Revenue versus Net Profit versus Free Cash Flow (Article)

Does Your Life Care Planner’s Cost Data Pass the “Sanchez Test?” (Article)

Post Event Working Years for High-Income Plaintiffs (Article)

Cryptocurrencies Cheerleaders & Crooks (Paper)

Making Happen

Making Self Esteem Happen: Its Source Recognition & Manifestation (Paper)

Net Discount Rates

Historical Discount Rates – An Update through 2019 (Article)

The Importance of the Relationship between Growth Rates and Discount Rates in Assessing the Value of Economic Damages (Article)

Organizational Development

THE PREFERRED CHOICE: The DC Department of Public Works – The Agency of Choice for Taxpayers, Customers, Stakeholders and Employees (Draft Proposal)

The Purpose, Trust, and Personal Responsibility Initiative – An Organizational Transformation Process (Case Study)

Shared Direction, Collective Decisions & Joint Implementation: Our Approach to Strategic Planning (Paper)

The New Normal & The Conversational Imperative (Paper)

Drivers of Observable Behaviors – Improving Our Skill in Managing Direct Report (Paper)

The Personal Imperative: Creating Your Personal Brand and Building Your Personal Economy (Paper)

Elon Musk: Genius or Crackpot? – Unlocking or Destroying Twitter’s Potential Value (Paper)

Mindfulness & Its Entanglements (Paper)

Race and Economic Damages

Some Issues in Avoiding the Use of Race and Gender in the Estimation of Damages (Paper)

JSPA Testimony: The Stormiyah Denson-Jackson Race and Gender Economic Damages Equality Emergency Act of 2020

Avoiding Discrimination in Estimating Damages (Article)

Slideshow Presentations

Forensic Economics Webinar: Rabe, Gender & Ethnicity in the Estimation of Lost Earnings & Earnings Capacity

Forensic Economics Presentation: Calculating Economic Damages without Race and Genter Based DIscrimination

Presentation: Buddhist Economics & The Great Reassessement

Presentation: Strategies for Workplace Interaction