“Economics of the Draft DC Bill based on the California SB41” Calculating Economic Damages Without Race- and Gender-Based Discrimination, by Subodh Mathur, Jerome Paige, and Richard Lockley1

In our conference presentation, we’ll demonstrate how economists can calculate economic damages without race- and gender-based discrimination.

The Council of the District of Columbia is considering a Bill [The Stormiyah Denson-Jackson Race and Gender Economic Damages Temporary Amendment Act of 2020]. The new Bill changes the way economists may calculate economic damages when considering race, gender & ethnicity.

This Bill is similar to California Statue, SB-41, which became effective January 2020. This statute prohibits “the estimation, measure, or calculation of past, present, or future damages for lost earnings or impaired earnings capacity from a personal injury or wrongful death from being reduced based or race gender and ethnicity.”

We don’t think there’s a need for a definitive solution at this stage. For now, it’s enough to show that it’s possible to calculate damages under the new California law and proposed DC legislation and that we have options. The final choice, we have noted, will come from actual cases as they proceed.

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The National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE) is hosting a stand-alone virtual meeting in lieu of their traditional Southern Meeting this year.

NAFE: Virtual Southern Meeting November 20, 2020

Our session information is as follows: 11 am CST (12 Noon EST) “Economics of the Draft DC Bill based on the California SB41” by Subodh Mathur, Jerome S. Paige & Richard Lockley

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