On Saturday, February 25th, 2023, Thomas J. Dawson III of TD&P Consulting, Inc. presented our paper — “Medical Coverage, Prices, and Discount Rates in Life Care Plans:  Avoiding legal, Definitional and Data Pitfalls” — at the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE) Eastern Economic Association (EEA) meetings he and I attended in New York City.

It’s essential for both plaintiff and defense attorneys during litigation cases to differentiate between relevant public and private programs while accurately pricing services, Dawson argued.

He further supported our contentions by providing additional insight into how life care plans have developed. He emphasized their growing value.

In our co-authored paper – Thomas Dawson, Dr. Vera Dvorak, MD, Subodh Mathur, Ph.D., and Jerome S. Paige, Ph.D. – we discuss the critical issues in preparing Life Care Plans (LCPs) and put forward TD&P’s concept of “Reasonable Value” and its determination for LCPs. Furthermore, we outline some medical, legal, and data pitfalls to avoid. 

One reviewer recommended that everyone read our discussion of reasonable charges, costs, and prices. The reviewer called the paper enjoyable and said it offered a fundamental understanding of the underpinnings of TD&P’s work.  

Read a copy of the TD&P’s paper via http://bit.ly/3EXGVce by Thomas J. Dawson IIIVera Dvorak, MD Subodh Mathur, Ph.D. & Jerome Paige, Ph.D. 

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