According to some, and despite the prognostications of many, Elon Musk brought an undervalued asset — Twitter. First, he’ll unlock its potential value. Then, he’ll flip the company – bring it back to the equity markets — in two or three years at three to four times, maybe ten times, what he paid. Musk is following an existing playbook. If he can execute, in three years, we’ll call him a genius. If not, in three months, we’ll call him a crackpot. Genius or crackpot, here are seven lessons for owner-workers: (1) constantly search for ways to unlock the value of your company, (2) recreate your ecosystem faster than you disrupt it, (3) evolve faster than events, (4) increase the productivity of your workers without destroying productivity or your people, (5) increase revenues without alienating customers, (6) be clear about the customer experience you’re providing and what’s driving it,  and (7) complete “due diligence” before you buy a company.